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We will try to place as many interesting links as we can find on this page. There is not very much to be found but hopefully in the near future what you can find on the web you will find here! 

Also links to our own MOËS movies on YouTube will be uploaded here.

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Start preparation of Moës CL No. 746, 1933



First start in many years of Moës CL No. 746, 1933


Second start Moës CL No. 746 loco-engine at the Decauville Railway Museum




Running Semi Diesel Moës Hot Bulb Engine




No.10 Moës diesel loco firing up after 20 years out of use



Starting No.12, the Moës loco on the Springfield Agricultural Railway.




Concrete roadmaking in the Netherlands with help of narrow gauge Railway with700mm gauge  Moës CL locomotive, approx. 1925



Charbonnages Monceau Fontaine. Interesting film about the dangers of coalmining and undergound transportation. Some interesting scenes with Moës DLM locomotives.


Charbonnages du Trieu Kaisin sur Sambre. Short section of Moës DLM2 locomotive working underground


Brickfactory Ploegsteert with Moës locomotives